Message from CEO

To the "comprehensive building services company" that will be the first choice of more customers than ever in the next era. Expect big things from the new LIVZON.

Since its founding in 1941, Taisei Oncho Co., Ltd. has been working to create safe and comfortable environments by focusing on air conditioning systems, water supply/drainage sanitary systems, and electrical equipment construction. We have been pursuing high-quality design, construction management, and maintenance as well as upkeep services with the focus being the client, owner, and users of the building under our motto of "Customer first."

2021 will mark our company's 80th anniversary, and so we will position 2020 as the year of transformation towards the next leap and step forward with the new brand "LIVZON." Our job is to breathe life into buildings by means of air, water, and electricity and to create a comfortable and pleasant environment for everyone. That means, at the same time, to support the people living and working in those buildings, and even the vitality of the town and community as part of the big picture. This is why, in order to continuously and perpetually provide safety and comfort no matter how simple or routine it is, we do our very best in every single task and assignment. Our philosophy of treating buildings as living things is our declaration of values and the attitude that we prize most.

We will transform into the "comprehensive building services company" that is chosen and trusted by more customers than ever before without becoming complacent with our cumulative history and achievements. We will transform ourselves in our ever-changing society and work to provide added value that goes beyond conventional facilities construction. With our new challenges held up high, every employee will strive to further improve the quality of services with the pride and responsibility of the LIVZON brand in mind. Please expect us to further grow, and thank you for your continuous support.

CEO and President Taisei Oncho Co., Ltd.Kenichi Mizutani