Taisei Oncho is an integrated facilities professional group which deals with construction of air conditioning systems, water supply/drainage sanitary systems, and electrical equipment, as well as design and construction management in general.

LIVZON’s provided value “Ikubiru”


We propose a facilities construction method that meets our customer's requirements and purposes for the building as well as calculate the initial costs for the construction. After completing construction, we draw up a long-term revamping plan based on our examination and diagnosis. We support maintenance and improvement of its asset value such as conserving energy, using our specialized experience which comes from dealing with building management for a long period of time.


Based on the blueprints, we calculate the usage of necessary heat and water. Using this result, the necessary equipment and devices that should be actually installed as well as the layout will be considered. Taisei Oncho utilizes BIM* from the design phase to improve productivity and quality by three-dimensionalizing construction drawings.

*Building Information Modeling


In order to ensure important elements such as security and safety for the people who spend time in the building, we manage each operation so that each process from start of the construction to completion will progress smoothly. We interpret the drawings, implement the optimal construction method, safety protocol, and quality control with the time after completion in mind, and follow a steady schedule for construction.


We have an upkeep and maintenance network at branches nationwide to ensure early detection of equipment and device problems as well as accident prevention. We have a system in place to quickly respond to emergencies. Taisei Oncho also has extensive experience in maintenance, repair, and renovation depending on the buildings’ age and condition.

LIVZON’s building examination/diagnosis

We have a team of specialized “Post-construction Facilities Diagnostic Engineers” consisting of those with the building doctor certification to determine a building’s condition and to perform appropriate treatment in order to keep the building healthy. The team diagnoses the conditions of ducts and pipes by utilizing 3D scanning and measurement equipment to predict the remaining life and estimate when problems may occur. After the diagnosis, a report will be created so that we can propose proper maintenance methods and renovation of the building.