Our brand statement, brand logotype, motto, and management philosophy.

Brand statement

Life into Buildings

Just as plants and trees flourish on the earth
where the soil is warmed by rays of light,
nourished with rain, and invigorated by fresh breeze,
buildings come to life as air, water, and electricity
flow through its veins and energize the people within.

When life flows into a building, smiles begin to bloom,
new encounters and opportunities arise,
and people's dreams for the land begin to bear fruit.

Our work in facilities construction may be hard to notice,
but we believe that every part of our services
plays a vital role in supporting people's lives and activities.
We breathe life into buildings and inspire vibrant energy.

This is our credo at Taisei Oncho.

Brand logotype

Taisei Oncho's motto and management philosophy


Customer first

For business owners who wish to form and shape a building that will be loved for a long time, for those who spend their time in the building and who visit the building, we always challenge ourselves to excel in the creation of comfortable facilities and environments while pursuing the pleasure, safety, and happiness of those who are involved in the building.
That is the "Customer first" approach Taisei Oncho aspires to.

Management Philosophy

With human resources and technologies, Taisei Oncho Group will strive through management enforced by integrity and reliability to continue operating as a company that is favored by customers.



  • Communication

    Be mindful to engage in polite and thorough communication.
  • Challenge

    Don't be afraid of failure or challenges.
  • Change

    Always question your assumptions, and always be open to change.
  • Solution

    Work to resolve the essence of a problem.
  • Speciality

    Refine your specialized knowledge.
  • Safety

    It goes without saying, but be thoroughly mindful of safety.

Customer Satisfaction


Customer first